Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Los permisos de trabajo a extranjeros en Granada caen un 63% en dos años" Durante 2010 se concedieron 3.648 autorizaciones a este colectivo, 6.228 menos que antes de que arrancase la crisis "

 "Quizá una de las peores consecuencias de la complicada situación económica por la que atraviesa el país sean los casi cinco millones de parados que existen en la actualidad. Entre ellos no solo hay españoles, también extranjeros que, tras varios años viviendo y trabajando en España, se encuentran con que tienen que volver a sus países de origen al no haberles renovado los permisos de trabajo. En concreto, en Granada en el trienio 2008-2010, el número de estas autorizaciones bajó un 63%. Un porcentaje muy cercano a la media del conjunto de la nación, que se sitúa en un 68%. ..."  

To read more, for those of you who read Spanish, go here:

In yesterday’s (9/9/2011) local edition of the newspaper IDEAL, one of the headlines (above the fold) says that 63% of foreign workers in Granada, Spain have had their work permit renewals denied. I am one of those 63%. 
I have little recourse, having spent an entire week visiting various government offices and talking with various administrators and other ‘important people.’

I have lived in Spain for more than 8 years. I have lived in Granada most of that time, and have lived in the same apt. for 8 years come November. It’s been the longest I have ever lived in any one abode in my entire life since I was 11 years old. And now I have to leave.

In fact, I may have as little as 3 months to “abandon Spanish territory” (a clunky but literal translation of the wording in the registered letter sent to me), although I have nowhere to go – no ‘other home’ – this has been my home, as humble as it is, for more than 8 years. And there are others who have lived here longer, in some cases much longer, who are being told to return to their places of origin because their work permits have not been renewed.

So I’m posting some photos that I’ve taken of doors here and elsewhere – doors that I’d like to go through.  

There's a door I photographed years ago, at night, with (a variation of) my name on it.

And finally, in some ways I never wanted to publish this graffiti photo, though I thought it was interesting enough to photograph at the time.


  1. I don't know if anyone will click on this link -- but I want to thank everyone who sent an email to me or called me, offering help, suggestions, comfort, etc.

    This week I'll be submitting a letter to "Extranjeros" -- the Office of Foreigners, asking them to please review the special circumstances of my case (that I wasn't even in Spain for half of the past year) and to give me a reprieve of at least a year, since after 8 years of residence here, it's not so easy to just pack it all up & move it elsewhere --
    1st, I don't have an "elsewhere" and 2nd, I'm in the midst of projects that I wanted to mount right here in Granada -- I'm on the cusp of presenting photos of my work and asking for an exhibit of my assemblage boxes -- I just wanted to finish 3 more of them so I could have a generous collection to exhibit, since I participated in 2 group shows in recent years with some of the boxes -- I'd like to come close to doubling that number ...
    I'll update this blog as I have more information regarding my status -- and still post photos of this and that -- photos -- & new visual work --boxes, standalones, etc.

    Again, thanks so much to those of you who have contacted me. I've appreciated it on so many levels. It helps me to move forward with more energy and not succumb to the weight of this entire fiasco.

  2. Interesting that no one commented here, though I received a LOT of emails and even phonecalls --

    I apologize that blogger is such a pain in the ass if you want to comment -- you have to register first. And I bet that's why I don't get many comments, in general, either ...