Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank You / Gracias

I want to thank everyone who sent an email to me or called me, offering help, suggestions, comfort, etc.

This week I'll be submitting a letter to "Extranjeros" -- the Office of Foreigners, asking them to please review the special circumstances of my case (that I wasn't even in Spain for half of the past year) and to give me a reprieve of at least a year, since after 8 years of residence here, it's not so easy to just pack it all up & move it elsewhere --
1st, I don't have an "elsewhere" and 2nd, I'm in the midst of projects that I wanted to mount right here in Granada -- I'm on the cusp of presenting photos of my work and asking for an exhibit of my assemblage boxes -- I just wanted to finish 3 more of them so I could have a generous collection to exhibit, since I participated in 2 group shows in recent years with some of the boxes -- I'd like to come close to doubling that number ...
I'll update this blog as I have more information regarding my status -- and still post photos of this and that -- photos -- & new visual work --boxes, standalones, etc.

Again, thanks so much to those of you who have contacted me. I've appreciated it on so many levels. It helps me to move forward with more energy and not succumb to the weight of this entire fiasco.

Here's another door I'd simply like to continue going through:

This is my front door this summer -- open, with a wooden and fake leaf curtain in the doorway to permit whatever air or breeze might come this way. Decorated, yes, with roses and leaf fronds and even some butterflies that I attached to some of the leaves and the doorframe..

These curtains are quite customary here in Andalucia -- to keep the sun and flies out, let in whatever breeze there might be. My curtain's a custom-made job -- as is even my door --
I don't remember when it happened, but at some point I decided I was HERE. It probably happened around the time that She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (N'jara) came into my life -- I added the number 2, since I'm on that floor, and I also added the sign inside the glass brick that says "SER" -- since 2B brought "to be ... or not to be" to mind.
For those of you who don't know -- "to be" is expressed 2 different ways in Spanish with 2 different meanings. There's "estar" -- like "I'm in Granada," or "ser" which someone once explained to me as  expressing essence -- so "I'm a poet" is "Soy poeta."

And this really is the door I want to come and go from. Freely.

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