Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter's come, but ... / El invierno ya ha llegado, pero ...

I saw that 3 kilos of Italian plum tomatoes were selling in my neighborhood for 2 euros!
¡Yo vi que en mi barrio estaban vendiendo 3 kilos de tomates pera por 2 euros!  (1 kilo= 2.2 lbs.)

The time for making tomato sauce has arrived. / Llegó la hora para preparar salsa de tomate.

Imagine! Around 7 lbs. of tomatoes boiling down to this. 
¡Imagínate! Casi 7 libres de tomates reducido así.

and while we're in the kitchen ...
y mientras que estamos en el cuarto de cocina ...

Judi and I got sugar packets with our coffee -- one (of B.B. King) that Judi took back to NY for Gail, the other: 
Judi y yo recibimos paquetes de azucar con nuestra café -- uno (de B.B. King) que Judi trajo a NY para regalar a Gail, y el otro:

[Rebecca, the sauce & the sugar packet are for you]


  1. WOW! I have never seen BB King on a condiment package in my life. That is about as cool as it gets!

    ps. Beautiful kitchen beautiful tomatoes oh.

  2. Ha! YOU get the Kurt Cobain sugar packet ... he misquotes Shakespeare or -- the translation back into English gets a bit wonky.