Sunday, December 25, 2011

wasn't gonna but why not?

            for Rebecca Loudon

Rebecca the dogs are dead
shrimp heads scrape against
my marble floored tomb
Artichoke blood leaks green
and mars a dish
and fish, this pungenty this
an urgency this dead this
scent of curriculum

The crystals of my vertigo
dislodge from yr atmosphere
You’ve got one circular waterway
bringing fish back to spawn

I love a thin blue light
The laughter of the unemployed
keeps me awake at night until dawn
Somewhere else it’s raining or

tide bursts high or fingers slide

into gloves and there’s a store
that stays open all night where neon
blinks red and blue

I lose the patrician –
go ahead, unsnap the Spencerian
odes and watch the wings
of your dark dictionaries


  1. well -- wish I coulda moved the text more to the left -- inserted all kinds of html code that was rejected, it just wdn't take ... so, the lines broke off a bit, not a Big deal just a li'l big deal.

  2. Oh it is so lovely, Laurie, and heartbreaking. A big deal as is and I am so thankful for it.