Thursday, June 21, 2012

bodies / cuerpos

Last week was Corpus, a big party with religious overtones, though once upon a time, it was the other way around. 

Theres still a solemn procession through the streets accompanied by a youth orchestra who play dirgelike music but the processions have generally merged with the annual féria

A little bit of history: the Catholic kings used this holiday to Christianize the population which had been under Muslim rule for eight centuries. According to some accounts, they instructed the town hall to invest a lot of money in the fiesta and urged the people to celebrate until they “appeared crazy,” hence all the gold and silver ...

Heres what part of it looked like where I live:

Then, later that day the trees exploded:


  1. I've asked my neighbors, but no one seems to have a name for them. Amazing, no? I also looked it up on google images, but -- nothing.

  2. The definitive answer, after many suggestions from neighbors and even one gardener that it might be a weeping willow (sauce llorón) which it is definitely not, is Retama, and apparently there are lots of them along the Nile River in Egypt.