Sunday, August 12, 2012

interruption of service / interrupción del servicio


  1. I am drawn to those intricate machine guts type of things too, but don't know why. You took those photos in the place where you found the object, right? I ask because the background with the almost impressionistic graffiti sheds a whole other light on it.


  2. ....I'm sure the "almost impressionistic" choice of words is wrong, but you know what I mean, right?

  3. Yes! That's the answer to both questions -- it was propped up on the cement "windowsill" that may be a future window if they ever finish the damn construction for the supposed new school of architecture ... on my callejon. This construction (obra) has been going on for years -- it starts and stops, depending on the severity of the economic crisis at any given moment, it seems.

    I also took 2 wonderful small copper spools from the object on 2 separate occasions ... it was on that windowsill for nearly a week, so ... it was irresistible.

    Thanks for commenting Lynn. I'm playing a bit with the 3rd image now -- will send you the results when I have some.