Thursday, June 5, 2014

a romp / un jugueteo

note:  Unlike when I lived in Spain, in Mexico, I'm prohibited from attending demonstrations, signing petitions, etc.   
nota:  Al contrario de cuando vivía en España, en México estoy prohibido de asistir manifestaciones/demostraciones, firmar peticiones, etc.


  1. Interesting that non citizens who do not vote are permitted to sign petitions in Spain. On the other hand, how odd that you cannot take part in protest in Mexico. Although, perhaps they view protest as type voting in Mexico and therefore non citizens cannot partake. ????

  2. I can't sign petitions here either, Bev -- and I sometimes wonder about simply taking photos ... since there are so many cameras around nowadays collecting info or simply to act as a deterrent (ie., not a real camera; no film) -- one of those things of, at some point, something that could be used against ... anyone, no?