Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Not for sale / No se vende


(translation:  Not for Sale )

(translation: Caution! Property in bad condition)

 (translation:  Not for Sale )

(translation: May we be disobedient each time we receive orders that humiliate our principles or violate our common sense - Eduardo Galeano)

 (translation:  Not for Sale )


  1. I remember the phrase:
    "Se Fue" in "Three Trapped Tigers."
    I did not realize the obvious context
    re: Cuba/Batista/revolution= "He's gone."
    I only thought it sounded like "Safeway!"
    These colors show a deep connection inside the Earth to life. I miss this. "We" seem bent on eradicating this. Legacies of old Euro-prudish bitterness; fear and separation from the eros, spontaneity-
    ergo beauty is the first victim. Truth next.

    1. Hahaha re: Safeway, a California joke! As for the rest, I think beauty is in the mind bla bla and truth too. If you listen to idiots' "truths" you think it's dead. Go outside and lie down under the sky until you feel like yourself again! Thanks for commenting, Claude. I do fully expect to see your face again one day -- maybe here in Mexico, no? Meantime, Viva California!