Thursday, May 26, 2011

Los Indignados in Granada (Spanish spring cont'd)

 great sense of humor, too


  1. as always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them & see more detail --

  2. I want to rescind what I wrote in my email about what's going on here and in the rest of Spain.

    Given that Franco died in 1975, this country's politics changed very quickly but at the same time, that transition bred so much hope that there really hasn't been any organized citizen movement that addressed how the power shifts functioned. Spain calls itself a democracy, but the levels of corruption that exist & that I've witnessed here firsthand are in direct opposition to that.

    So now, many days after this initial, mostly spontaneous uprising the focus is quickly becoming transformed and the Indignados have separated into work groups, where they are dicussing specific issues that could lead to ...? (anyone's guess, I think) -- It's heartening, it's mostly young, it's enthusiastic and I'm loving the fact that I am witnessing this very engaged and serious consideration of where things go from here. Bravo! Hats off to this movement!